By having your work installed in the Red Brick Gallery you agree to the terms of this agreement.


a. Any modification of this Exhibition Agreement must be in writing, agreed to and signed by the Artist and The Red Brick.

b. This Exhibition Agreement shall be governed and interpreted according to the laws of the State of Colorado, and venue from any action hereunder shall be in Pitkin County, Colorado.

c. Any gender references to “he” or “she” herein shall be deemed to be a reference to either “he” or “she” as the text so implies.


Art Works:  Exhibitions must be comprised of at least 80% new works (created within the past year) that have not been previously exhibited.  The remaining 20% may be older works that have not been previously exhibited in the Roaring Fork Valley within the last 9 months of your exhibit at the Red Brick.  Giclee prints and reproductions may be displayed but count “against” the 20% allotment of old work. Any change in the exhibition must be agreed to by the RBCA in writing no later than eight weeks prior to the Opening Date defined below.  Art works exhibited must not demonstrate eroticism and must be suitable for all viewers. In addition, the artwork work shown in the final show may not differ in style and subject matter that was presented in the artist’s original application to the Red Brick Council for the Arts Gallery or otherwise deviate from the theme of the show for which the artist was accepted.  If there are any questions concerning the suitability of the work please talk with the Executive Director. The Red Brick Council for the Arts reserves the right to reject any artwork on the day of the installation.


Invitations, Mailing List And Postage:  Invitations, designed by the Red Brick, are sent out for the opening reception.   The Red Brick Council for the Arts will provide a mailing list and mailing service.  If an artist has a mailing list they would like to have included in the mailing they may do so by providing their list and paying for the additional postage and printing.

Meeting With RBCA: All exhibiting artists are required to meet with the Red Brick Executive on the date listed above.  Attendance at this meeting is mandatory.  The purpose of this meeting is to review the requirements of this Exhibition Agreement, review marketing efforts, installation requirements, Gallery Opening details, and other pertinent information.  All fees will be due at this time unless otherwise stated in the dates above.

 Fees: $150 per artist.  Fees include:  food for the opening reception, promotional materials (for example: newspaper ads, magazine ads, email blasts, radio),  invitations to the exhibition, paper products and alcohol for reception, installation, and labeling the art works.

 Art Work Sales: A 20% commission is charged on all sales. Cash, Check or Credit Card may be used.  All payments will be made to the Red Brick Council for the Arts.  The Red Brick Council for the Arts will accept payments for sales during the opening and will accept payments for the artwork in the office after the opening.  All sales must include 9.3% tax added to the cost of the work.  The RBCA will remit the taxes to the state and City, and will pay out the 80% earnings to artists by the 17th of the month following the exhibit’s end. For any artist whose artwork sold, they must submit a signed W9 form to the RBCA.  RBCA will not issue payment to the artist until they have received a signed W9 form. 

Opening Event: Artists are required to attend the Opening Reception. 

SPACE AND ART REQUIREMENTS:  All Artists wishing to Exhibit in the Red Brick Gallery, must provide evidence that one hundred percent (100%) of the Exhibit space will be utilized by the applicant(s) of the Exhibition Agreement.  Artists will exhibit between 6-10 pieces depending on size and number of artists showing; all works brought to the installation may not be exhibited depending on space and constraints. The Gallery manager may then select pieces to be shown based on the nature of the exhibit. The Gallery strives to show new works. 

DAMAGE RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Artists acknowledge and agree that all Exhibition fees may be used by the RBCA for Gallery expenses.  The Artists shall be financially responsible for any damage to the Gallery caused by the Artists.  The RBCA shall notify the Artists in writing of the costs of such damage.

GALLERY INDEMNIFICATION:  The Artist acknowledges and agrees that the Red Brick Center for the Arts is a public building and that free access to the public is provided between the hours of 10AM and 6PM, Monday thru Friday, excluding Federal Holidays and on Saturdays from 10AM-4PM (high seasons only).  The Artist agrees and acknowledges that the hours shall be no other, unless agreed to by the RBCA. The Artist acknowledges and agrees that the Red Brick Council for the Arts Gallery is not patrolled nor monitored by a security system.  The Artist assumes all risk associated with exhibiting his art work in the Gallery and for utilizing the Red Brick Center for the Arts. The Council does carry insurance on work displayed in the Gallery.  The Artist acknowledges and agrees that the RBCA, its members, employees, and/or trustees shall not be responsible for providing security for the art work on display in the Gallery. The Artist indemnifies and holds harmless the Red Brick Council for the Arts, its members, employees and trustees from and against loss, claims, damages, liability, and lawsuits arising out of the exhibition of his/her art work in the Gallery and the use of the Gallery or Red Brick Council for the Arts by the Artist and his/her guests or visitors. If the Red Brick Council for the Arts or its members, employees or trustees are made parties in a lawsuit, arbitration proceedings or mediation involving the exhibition of his/her art work in the Gallery or his/her use of the Gallery or the Red Brick Council for the Arts, or the Gallery’s use by his/her visitors or guests.  The Artist shall be responsible for all costs incurred, including attorney fees, by the Red Brick Council for the Arts, or its members, employees or trustees in such lawsuit, arbitration proceedings, or mediation.

INSTALLATION AND TAKE-DOWN REQUIREMENTS: Art Work Display: All art work must be displayed in a professional mannerPaper art, including photography, must be matted with glass or Plexiglas or be displayed in another contemporary method.  If an artist would like to display paper works in a contemporary or non-traditional way, the method must be discussed and approved by the Executive Director at the pre-exhibit meeting. Canvas and mason board artwork must be framed or have edges finished in a professional manner.  Sculpture and unique works must be displayed on pedestals or hung in a safe manner. Work not meeting these requirements will not be allowed in the exhibit at the discretion of the Council or Executive Director.  Unfinished artwork or artwork that has not completely dried WILL NOT be permitted during installation.  The majority of all hung art must be hung using the gallery’s Walker hanging system with secure picture wire.  Artwork affixed with tape or other adhesives is not permitted.   Installation directly into the walls will not be permitted unless prior consent is issued by the Red Brick Council.  Installation directly into the wall requires the assistance of the Gallery’s maintenance personal, which will be acquired at the additional cost of the artist.  If holes are put in the walls of the gallery, the artist will be required to repair the walls at show take-down or pay for the time required by the Gallery’s maintenance personal to repair. Wall art must be hung with the center of the art 60 inches from the floor.  Placement of oversized art will be reviewed by the Manager, or Executive Director. The Gallery Manager and/or executive director will edit artwork during installation to avoid overcrowding, to verify compliance with requirements for framing, hanging height, etc.  We strive for professional quality shows and to have your work presented in the best possible manner.  The Manager and/or Red Brick Executive Director reserves the right to replace or re-position the work presented.

Delivery of Artwork: Art should be delivered to the gallery on the installation day.  Participating artists shall be responsible for hanging their own art work within the areas set by the Gallery Manager and/or Executive Director.  The Gallery Manager, designated by the Red Brick Council for the Arts, will be present to assure artwork meets the requirements and to assist artists with installation. 

 Marketing Materials:  Artists shall provide information for marketing purposes according to the dates set in the exhibition agreement.  The following information is required and must be presented in a timely manner, else the RBCA reserves the right to exclude the artist from the exhibit and forfeit all fees:

  • Title cards, which will be printed by the RBCA, including:  Artist Name, Title, Medium and Price.
  • High resolution image for use in marketing materials

  • Information should be sent to the RBCA electronically via email (sarah.roy@cityofaspen.com) according to dates set in exhibition agreement form. 

 Removal of Exhibition:  On the De-installation Date scheduled, the Artists must remove their artwork from the Gallery by 5pm.  The artists must repair wall damage due to hanging and clean walls/pedestals if their artwork left marks or residue.  The Red Brick Council will not be held responsible for any work which is not picked up.